Parashite Tapeworm



Well, Fucking Dead man. I couldn't care less. Like a lot of people in this land. This old basturd reached 99 years because he had a fortune of multiple millions. He had various treatments including from NHS specialists. Thousands of people have died this year and last because a filthy evil capitalist government has run down the NHS for years due to capitalist supporting policies. Old people in shitty care homes have died due to the appalling state of social care. Old people have died in hospital corridors. Old people have died because of DNR policies. Old people generally don't survive as long as this fucking old parashite.

My mother died in December. She was a much better human being than this old turd. She only managed to reach 86 years and her last years were troubled by the hideous social care system.


If all the public taxpayers money that this filthy old parasite and his wife got for decades and still get was given to research then there might have been a cure for Alzheimers long ago and my beautiful mother could have lived till she was 99. So stick all your royal bullshit up your arse, this man did nothing his whole adult life except be a parasite on the people and as such my attitude is i will fly my flags at top mast proudly and party that an old tapeworm has been expelled from the body of the people of our land.

Fuck the Royals Tapeworms.