The Romano British Catholic Church is a new organisation in britain’s North East in Blaydon on Tyne. Started in 2014ce by The founder and leader of the new church Pope Lisabela the First.

Who is Also known locally as The Artist Lisabela Marschild.

The R.B.C.C is her current art project.

The creation of a New Religion with it’s own Beliefs and Practices and Writings including

a Holy Bible

newly re-written for the 21st century and beyond.

The Tree above is from Lisabela’s Garden it is a wonderful bush called Dogwood. Lisabela uses it here as a Symbol of a religious Tree found in Judaism and Christianity


We Jessians use it also but we believe with greater meaning.

What you see above is an Artwork by

Lisabela Zxywhiddm Marschild

it uses a technique she invented called 


By which Lisabela had been able to invent several languages which look quite Alien

The Letters you See are I Am


Use the letter Y for I which for Kathbadines turns the word into a phrase


I Am that I am

Which has meaning for any student of Theology.

The Romano British Catholic Church